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Size matters

Yep you read that right, SIZE MATTERS. Extra-large fries, big blankets, giant big screen TVs, there aren’t many things in life that don’t get better as they go up in size… But that is not always the case in regard to businesses. Between the Walmart’s the Kroger’s and the (dare I say it?) Amazon’s the true “Titans of Industry” its hard to stand out as a small independent business. When big name glass companies have unlimited amounts of resources to exhaust on advertising it is really no surprise they are practically a household name. However, amongst all these big fish we have been able to swim along side without any indication of slowing down. So, in light of the fact that it is National Small Business Week, this blog will be a little different than the previous ones. Sure, it will be filled with great info and snarky comments, but this time it wont just be about the types of glass we can use or why it is important to look for signs of damage in your windshield. Let’s take a look at what we have to say this week…

Don’t you forget about me…

When working with the big-name glass companies a lot of the personal touch can be lost in the shuffle of the day to day monotony. Rather than looking at you as the Jones family of 4 you are file number P-4862 scheduled for repair on Monday at 12:00 PM EST. You just appear as a number on a spreadsheet that will probably be forgotten the second they move on to file number P-4863. With RC Autoglass you are an instrumental part of this business. We take the time to understand and address the concerns of our customers as soon as possible, we pride ourselves on being consistently respectful and responsive to your requests. You, our community has really helped propel RC Autoglass forward faster than we ever imagined!

The truth shall set you free…

Earlier we mentioned the advantages the big-name companies have when it comes to advertising, but we have one thing they do not… One thing they cannot buy… We have the testimonials from our friends, our families, our community. We believe that is still just as important to continue to serve the needs our current customers as it is acquiring new ones. To not just build but strengthen those relationships to keep the trust we worked so hard to earn. When it comes to the value of your word, we cannot put a price on that. Word of mouth is what business live and die by and that is something that we couldn’t fathom tarnishing.

Talk to me…

Most small business owners are not their own boss, secretary, CEO, CFO, and payroll department but they are also in charge of marketing. Almost half of all small businesses handle their own marketing affairs. From customizable websites to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, even Google+ it has never been easier for companies to communicate directly with their target audiences. This has really made interaction with the actual business owners more feasible in a way that can be private and more personal for the consumer. Have a complaint? Right to the top. Have feedback? You guessed it, right to the top. Have a special request? Up at the top with the rest of them!

Good things come to those who wait…

Have you ever needed something done right there and then and have it done right away? Get in with this amazing tattoo artist last minute? Get an appointment with a hair stylist the same day? Walk right in and get a pedicure? Yeah us either. The classic art that is appointment making is an undervalued and under used tool. Not only does an appointment allow us to be as efficient as possible but it allows us to honor your time which is one of our highest priorities. By doing this effectively we can accommodate a wide range of requests on any given day. From replacing your windshield in the parking lot of your work to fixing a chip while you are getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist or even swinging by soccer practice, with advanced notice and proper scheduling we can make this all happen without interrupting your everyday life. We get it, you are busy and there is no time to slow down we can make sure you stay on track even if it means a total windshield replacement.

Numbers, statistics, and percentages oh my!

In 2016 the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that only 50% of small business will survive five years or more. In 2017 the Small Business Administration determined that small businesses make up 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970’s. With statistics like those its no wonder that people prefer to work with independent business owners. When you shop with a small business you do more than contribute to one family’s bottom line. When local residents shop and utilize small businesses within their communities, their tax dollars stay within the local community. Small business owners also tend to use other small businesses for their needs keeping funds in our humble community. Small business also means less infrastructure and lower maintenance which can help to keep the look of “Main Street USA” and not make our towns look like all of those cookie cutter shopping malls.

It’s hard to believe that we are coming up on our one-year anniversary and none of this would have been even close to possible without the support we have received from all of you in our community. It truly amazes us that amongst all the competition that is out there that we have been able to stand with the big dogs and that means more than we can ever put into words. We pride ourselves on being the ones you trust over and over for your windshield and car audio needs. With your continued support we would like to make this up coming year even better than the last! Hope to see you all in our terrible twos!

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