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When choosing the right subwoofer for your car there are an incredible amount of variables to consider. So many that it could quite legitimately make your head spin. From cheapies that make it look like you’ve got the job done to expensive units that make you just shovel out cash for the name the list goes on and on... This blog was designed to help determine which subwoofer may fit your specific needs without getting too complex. Now these are merely suggestions and is not meant to sway your judgement in any manner, it is strictly just a glimpse at what possibilities are available in a reasonable price range.

Your car's subwoofer is a speaker specifically designed to hit low pitched audio frequencies (aka THAT BASE THOUGH) in order to give you an all around better experience when it comes to listening to music. The typical frequency range for a subwoofer is about 20-200 Hz (most consumer products) and below 100 Hz (professional live sound). It’s the final touch that can truly bring your car's stereo to the next level.

No matter which subwoofer your heart and wallet decide on its important to make sure you always go through an authorized dealer when making your purchase. Buying from an unauthorized dealer (Craigslist, Ebay, OfferUP, Facebook, good old fashioned garage sales) has the great potential of saving you some serious cash, but it can also leave you in some seriously troubling situations. By purchasing your equipment from an unauthorized dealer you run the risk of it working incorrectly or not even working at all. Even though on the outside it may look pristine, there could very well be some underlying issues. In addition to that you no longer have access to a warranty through the manufacturer. Which more often than not is a standard feature when purchasing from an authorized dealer.

Well enough of my rambling let’s get straight into the facts! Here are 5 12" car subwoofers that are UNDER $200. Yes you read that right... UNDER $200. That's like 400 Jack In The Box tacos... or 200 large Cokes from McDonald's (because we all know that no other Coke tastes better than the ones from Mickey D's).

Infinity Audio - Established in 1968

#5 Infinity KAPPA 1200W

Frequency Response

25Hz - 175Hz

The KAPPA series subwoofers features Selectable Smart Impedance, a HARMAN exclusive impedance selector. This allows the user to switch between 2-ohm and a 4-ohm all at the flick of a wrist. In addition to that, the KAPPA subwoofer features acoustically damped glass fiber cones that were specifically engineered to eliminate distortion. All this in efforts to make sure that what comes through your speakers is crisp and clear without sounding muddled.

Polk Audio - Established in 1972

#4 Polk MM1 Series 1260W

Frequency Response

26Hz - 200Hz

The Polk MM1 Series is well equipped with a laundry lists of upgrades in comparison to its predecessor. From using integrated fuses to protect your subwoofer from an overpowered amplifier (NOOB) to their coveted Dynamic Balance Technology which delivers clean core pounding lows that would otherwise be nonexistent by incorporating non-resonant materials. Polk Audio has continuously made improvements with each progressing model and this one will be hard to top.

Kicker - Established in 1973

#3 Kicker Comp RT 1000W

Frequency Response

27Hz - 500 Hz

The Kicker Comp RT is a thin mount subwoofer with a two ohm dual voice coil design with nothing but superiority in mind. This was designed based on the dreams of audiophiles and audio enthusiasts alike. Not only will your ears be left tingling from the impressive sound the Comp RT delivers, you have the ability to take that experience to the next level thanks to its heat management system and weatherproof design. Durability and Functionality are two traits Kicker is well known for and the Kicker Comp RT is no exception.

Memphis Audio - Established 1965

#2 Memphis Audio BRX1240

Frequency Response

32Hz - 400 Hz

The BRX1240 from Memphis Audio is well furnished with a four ohm component subwoofer a reinforced high density paper cone and an embossed carbon fiber dust cap. This was constructed with one priority, making sure that it delivers that deep, rich, soulful bass that we all know and love. That slow and low “old school” bass is delivered to you thanks to the reinforced high-density paper cone we mentioned earlier. It has the capability to handle high amounts of power without losing any of its “umph” thus maintaining an even level of excellent sound quality.

Kicker - Established in 1973

#1 Kicker CompR

Frequency Response

25Hz - 500Hz

The Kicker CompR is designed with a dual 4 ohm voice coil which makes getting the most out of your amp child’s play. Kicker also uses Solokon, a single injection molded cone that has the ability to push more air than most of its peers. By using a single integrated unit that both cools and motor and eliminates distortion this subwoofer is able to deliver a sound that most fall short of imitating. Kicker is not shy when it comes to merging revolutionary technologies and a result of that is a louder output without sacrificing any of that deep soul shaking bass that Kicker is known for.

I know there is a lot of information in this blog but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We could go on and on about this topic all day but I think this is a good place for me to stop throwing product info at you.

We here at RC Autoglass pride ourselves on quality materials and quality work at competitive prices. We have the experience and knowledge to help you customize, plan, and build your dream system from start to finish. Hopefully this blog will help aid you in making decisions when it comes to upgrading your car audio. Please feel free to call for a free quote today so we can start making your car audio dreams a reality.

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