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Windshields - Your First Line of Defense

Windshields are so named because of their innate ability to protect passengers from the unpredictable and at times, dangerous elements of the wild road. When your car reaches a certain speed, the wind

becomes bulky enough to resist the motion of your car, enough to suppress some of its driving force. Think what this wind could do to your unguarded face if exposed to it for long periods of time.

Then there is the added danger of flying debris getting inside your cockpit and if you’re one of those individuals who don’t wear spectacles, then your eyes effectively take up the role of the windshield… someone has to do the job. Think of all the fat bugs cluelessly flying around the road unaware that their latest meeting would be with a driver riding in a car with a broken windshield. You wouldn’t want those bug juices getting inside your nostrils and eyes. An accident is just waiting to happen.

When a mild wind kicks up some dirt in the air, it has the tendency to shoving it in your face. By the time you reach your destination your flawless skin would be damaged and you’d be left biting the dirt -

literally. You have the volatile climate of Sedona, Arizona to thank for this. Even the law is on your side in this case, some states make it illegal to drive without windshield wipers but it’s legal if you don’t have a windshield. How ironic is that! Driving without a windshield might make

you look like a daredevil to the rest of the world but all it accomplishes is exposing you to danger that you can definitely do without.

It.s Not Worth the Risk?

Exposing yourself to serious danger over something as trivial as a windshield is simply not worth it, which is why you should get your windshield replaced by the experts at RC Autoglass, operating in Verde

Valley with over 30 years of experience dealing in automotive glass works. When you bring in your car for repairs, skilled technicians will give you a briefing on what overhauls need to be performed to the

windshield. If it needs repairs, that would be our first course of action, or outright replacement in case the windshield in complete disrepair.

The years of experience under our belt ensure that your windshield problems are done away with in less than one hour; you could even relax inside our workshops sipping a cup of coffee while we put our

expertise to work.


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