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Windshield Cash Back?

How many times have you walked out of the grocery store or out of work and seen a neon green or neon pink flier on your car from some random glass company that you have never heard of? Appealing fliers in colors that are nothing short of impossible to ignore offering you a toaster, a puppy, eternal life and $100 for using them to replace your windshield? All these amazing promises that sound so tempting and too good to be true... well folks trust your gut because in this case you are right. Most things that sound too good to be true typically are.

Why would a company do this you ask? Well folks, a good question indeed. A lot of these companies rely on this type of advertising to reach a large audience with very minimal effort in the shortest amount of time as possible to turn a quick profit. It is a way for them to come into an unfamiliar and unsuspecting community and saturate the market in a way that would be nearly impossible for anyone to ignore. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing the big “bad” glass companies (there is no crying in the glass replacement business) not only is it a total waste of paper but damn, is it annoying or what? Of course these businesses are obviously successful, but I’m not the only one who favors the Mom and Pop shops. We will not flood your parking lots with unnecessary trash, what we have is far more powerful. We have the word of mouth, the trust from our community and the support of our neighbors everything those large companies want but can’t get without being as involved as we are. So what better way than to get someone’s attention by offering free money?

But how do they do this you ask? How can they afford such a thing? Well in these cases a lot of these companies are not looking out for their bottom line when practicing these tactics, but rather creating a rapid influx of new clientele and hoping for repeat business. These “special offers” are ran during a time when there is a push to reach some sort of sales goal, or some sort of “ticket” quota. Some other business models have a structure where they try to get as many jobs done in one day as possible. I don’t know about you but to me that is a recipe for disaster. With having to cram job after job into such a small amount of time it is easy to compromise the quality of one's work. Time, detail, and care are all necessary in making sure a job is done properly. Being able to take the time that is needed for each individual vehicle is where it can make or break a job. It is where true craftsmanship is shown. It is where pride and integrity in one’s work really does shine. When you keep the customer’s safety and trust top of mind it is impossible to just hop from one job to another and another without sacrificing the quality of work.

Many large companies hire subcontractors and pay them a sub standard fee per job performed rather than maintaining their own trained and qualified technicians. By doing this it eliminates the need to have regularly staffed employees who would have otherwise received benefits such as health insurance vision and dental coverage as well as vacation time. This practice also allows them to cut costs when it comes to training and ongoing education by placing that responsibility on the subcontractors that they hire. It is up to them to obtain training on the most recent and up to date procedures so that they can market themselves as an eligible candidate for hire. Several of these subcontractors are even required to provide their own tools (with the exception of glass) which in turn shifts the burden of that purchase to them instead of the business itself. Starting to see where that “free” money comes from? Oh just wait…

While some companies practice enticing advertising strategies in order to lure you in with suggestive text such as “UP TO $100 WHEN WE REPLACE YOUR WINDSHIELD” others may practice an even more “questionable” tactic. Many companies will change their names and even their business structures on a regular basis in order to avoid guaranteeing their work and honoring warranties. Not all do this, but it is unfortunately a common practice. “ABC Glass Co” is now “1 2 3 Glass Co” and after several name and structural changes it would be nearly impossible to track down who was holding your original warranty.

Between savvy marketing tactics and minimizing overhead these companies can easily manipulate their way into small knit communities with only their benefit in mind. For them this is strictly business but for for us it is far more than that.

One of the best ways to guarantee that you are getting quality work done is to do your research. Be sure you know who you are working with and make sure that the company is not only reputable but that they are reliable. Being prepared with that knowledge is the best way to make sure that you leave your vehicle but most of all yours and your family’s safety in honest hands.

Here at RC Autoglass we have no sales goals no deadlines and no quotas to meet. We are a family ran business that has been built by the trust and loyalty from our community. Not only do we take the utmost care when addressing your automotive needs we guarantee our work without any hesitation. From beginning to end. No questions asked. We are committed to giving our community the quality service they deserve without having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. We appreciate you thinking of us when it comes to your automotive glass and audio needs. Please feel free to call to schedule an appointment today!

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