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Pros Vs. Joes

With all of the crazy incentives many glass shops have out there like “One hundred and fifty dollars with a windshield replacement” or “Ten free Omaha Steaks” or even craziness like “FREE PUPPIES WITH WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT” it’s become easy for us in the industry to tell who the “Pros” are and who are the “Joes”. No offense to those named “Joe” out there… Whether it be from inexperience or just blatant neglect, here are some tell tale signs that show us that a job was not done properly. Cutting corners not only makes the job more difficult for the next person but more importantly it compromises the safety of your vehicle. We here at RC Autoglass want you to be armed with all the same information we are. Below are five common signs that show us that a glass replacement job was not done correctly.

1- The Windshield Does Not Fit Properly

Your windshield should fit correctly in the frame of your vehicle. It should sit completely “flush”. When we use the term “flush” it means that the two different parts sit evenly or what some might say on the the same plane. There should be no difference in surface level where the two pieces connect AKA it should be level. Sometimes where we see this issue come up is when a piece of glass that is being installed was found at a salvage yard or purchased from someone who was parting out a car. Another time we see this is simply if someone just ordered the wrong piece of glass and was either too lazy to order the correct one or was unwilling to right their wrong. Filling the gaps with more adhesive is not an acceptable way to get it to “fit”. That would be like having ten pieces of cheese and one piece of ham on a ham and cheese sandwich… No one likes that… Well maybe Joe would… Sorry Joe.

2- Residual Adhesive is still on the frame

Speaking of too much cheese on our windshield sandwich, the next sign of an incorrect install is that the old adhesive is still on the frame before the replacement windshield goes in. Any experienced installer will ALWAYS remove every last bit of residue before moving forward. Removing all of the old bits and pieces is probably the most tedious part of the process but one of, if not the most crucial part. A fresh clean surface is the key to making sure that there is a proper seal between the windshield and the vehicle’s frame. This affects the structural integrity and provides a seal that keeps water out of the vehicle. The only thing worse than a super cheesy ham and cheese sandwich is a soggy super cheesy ham and cheese sandwich.

3- Water leaking into the vehicle

Abnormally easily fogged up windows? Stains on your upholstery next to the glass? That delicious smell of stale moist fabric that we all wish we didn’t recognize? All can be potential results of a “poor seal”. Don’t think of a cute aquatic mammal begging for your last bit of change, but think more or less driving your car on a rainy day and not being able to keep all of that moisture out of your car. Sure that doesn’t sound too bad, but when that moisture impairs your vision while driving it can be deadly in such an innocent circumstance. Water will always look for the path of least resistance which is why a proper seal is of utmost importance when it comes to preventing premature failure. Sure stains and a bad stench sounds like a bad time but a foggy windshield that can become loose is far worse.

4- Messy Windshield Molding and Weather Stripping

Another sign of improper windshield replacement would be messy, cracked, or ill fitting windshield molding or weather stripping. Not only does this look awfully tacky and just plain messy it shows that there wasn’t the time or the attention taken by the technician. If the molding or weather stripping around your windshield is compromised it should be replaced at the time of the install. The molding is the final piece of the system that seals the windshield to the frame of your vehicle. Each piece of molding is either a plastic or rubber tube that is notched to fit precisely between the glass and the frame of each specific make and model. There is not a “close enough” or “works for me” short cut when it comes to this.

5- Weekend Warrior- Not installed by a professional

This one happens way more often than it should. Replacing a windshield is serious business and should be left to those with proper training and certifications. Your windshield is your first line of defense when it comes to your safety and your passenger’s and it should not be taken lightly. THIS IS NOT A GOOD WEEKEND DO IT YOURSELF PROJECT. Without proper materials and proper training this can easily turn into something much larger that it actually is. There is a lot of training and work that goes into proper windshield replacement and it is not something that can be learned from just watching a few YouTube videos and reading through some forum threads.

The Pros at RC Autoglass always have your safety as our first priority. Our team is dedicated to making sure that everything we do is of the highest standards and we will not compromise your safety by cutting corners of any sort. We are so appreciative of the incredible support we have received from the community and commit to giving our customers quality service installation and repairs that they deserve. With the Holidays quickly approaching we will be offering some deals on products and installations! Please visit our Facebook page to stay current on any promotions we will be running now until December 29th! From our family to yours we wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to what the upcoming year brings!

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