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Weather and Glass

With monsoon season in full swing we at RC Autoglass want to make sure everyone is safe and well prepared. Your safety is top priority so we've put together a few tips to help make sure that you're maximizing safety by taking care of your windshield this monsoon season.

BE AWARE Always be aware of your surroundings especially when parking. Strategically parking your vehicle is an excellent way to make sure that it is out of harms way. In Arizona we see everything from Haboobs (dust storms) to hail this time of year and your first line of defense is taking careful consideration when parking. Parking structures are an excellent choice. It may cost an extra $7 to park but it's well worth making sure your windshield (and the rest of your vehicle) is protected. Try to park away from trees and avoid parking underneath low hanging light fixtures. With sudden gusts of wind up to 50 mph parking under one of these could destroy your windshield at the very least. KEEP IT CLEAN Between all of the winds and rain we tend to find quite an array of debris collected at the bottom of our windshields. It's important to keep this area clean to avoid inadvertently damaging your windshield and your wipers. Although a few leaves and sticks may seem insignificant to your windshield and wipers, over the course of time it can greatly impact the strength and integrity of the glass. Cleaning your windshield off between storms is an imperative step in maintaining it as debris may remain even after the storm has passed.

IF ITS BROKEN, FIX IT If you get a chip or a crack in you windshield have it repaired immediately. Postponing an easy fix can turn into a great ordeal. With temperature fluctuations during monsoon season a small chip can easily turn into a crack the size of the Grand Canyon. Water carved out the Grand Canyon... just imagine what it can do to a crack in your windshield! When it comes to our priorities, safety is number one. We are committed to quality work with the experience and expertise to back it up. Let RC Autoglass in Cottonwood help keep your windshield in prime condition.


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