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Basics of Window Tinting

At the heart of it all, window tinting refers to blocking certain wavelengths of the Sun from entering inside the car. There can be several reasons why people get their car windows tinted, these range from actual medical needs to purely giving a new aesthetic appeal to the car. Laws on window tinting vary from state to state, and you should probably familiarize yourself with them if you intend on getting your car windows tinted. Most newer cars on the market are always treated with some level of window tinting, mostly to keep out the harmful radiation of the Sun from cooking the car’s insides to a crisp, but most people are not content with the factory tint and choose aftermarket solutions – and rightly so as the following reasons


Protection From the Sun:

Some regions from the electromagnetic spectrum such as UV light are harmful to humans. Most stock windshield tints only block about 96% of UV-A rays, and that number becomes less than half at 44% for

side windows, promoting cancerous growths in tissue and skin aging in individuals, requiring passengers to wear sunscreen and sunglasses while inside the car. A mild inconvenience which can be avoided by

getting your windows tinted at RC Autoglass in Camp Verde, Sedona.

Blocking Heat - Staying Cool:

When you block certain regions of the electromagnetic spectrum from entering inside your car, you also block the heat accompanied by such radiation, resulting in you requiring a less amount of air conditioning which not only saves down on fuel but also reduces carbon dioxide emissions. We should all do our bid to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.


This one’s a no-brainer. Protection from the prying eyes of strangers who don’t have the “mind your own business’’ etiquette is something everyone looks forward to. But there are a few laws that you have

to abide by, but you need to keep a lookout for technical measurements such as the light transmittance and reflectance of the tint.

Why You Should Get Your Windows Tinted at RC Autoglass?

There are various DIY videos on the internet teaching you the basics of tinting car windows. The real world however is not so simple and chances are your unfamiliarity with the laws of your state will make

your work borderline illegal. It is best to use the expertise offered by RC Autoglass who have 20 years of automotive window tinting under their belt. Only the highest quality of window films are used for your car’s windows, accompanied with ourlifetime warranty for both parts and labor.Not only will you get the perfect tinting catered to your needs, you can also rest assured that you are on the right side of the law.


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