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Getting Your Automotive Glass Insured

Most car owners only look towards the more costly side of repairs when signing up for automobile insurance, such as full scale accidents which involve full scale collisions. Relatively smaller problems such

as your windshield’s glass only remain an afterthought. A mild annoyance you think you can easily deal with should the time come. Guess what, windshield shatter and crack more often than you give them credit for.

Whether you’re just having a bad day or mischief mongers are a regular part and parcel of your locale, a prankster might decide to throw a rock at your windshield, shattering it completely. State laws in Arizona require that a windshield must be ‘adequate’, a rather vague term that doesn’t define the scope of the damage needed to disqualify your windshield as inadequate. You might be required by law enforcement however to repair any visible damage to your windshield, these could include tiny chips or cracks.

Hence tickets incurred because of broken windshields might differ in amount, depending on the county and the discretion of the ticketing officer.

Experts at RC Autoglass recommend that any chip should be promptly repaired before they grow into a larger crack. A cost that could have been repaired in $45 ends up being a major $600 setback or even more depending on your car’s model and the scale of damage.

Broken glass mostly falls under comprehensive auto insurance, which means that they don’t fall under the usual collision insurance. You would be required to pay a deductible before the insurance company

covers the remaining amount, for example if the repairs cost $1000 and you have deductibles of $400, then you will have to pay $400 before the insurance company pays the remaining $600. To avoid having to pay the deductible for glass repairs, it is advisable to ask your insurance company for full glass coverage, which should include windshield repair or replacements.

At RC Autoglass in Cottonwood, Sedona, and surrounding areas, we take into account all of the factors that might prove to be troublesome for you in the future. Whether it be glass repair, glass replacement or window tinting we’ll expertly handle your problems. When it comes to window tinting, RC Autoglass ensures that they always lie within the confines of legal limits of Arizona state laws.


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