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Windshield Laws in Arizona

In order to drive your vehicle in Arizona, your windshield must meet certain criteria laid about by state and Federal Law. It is often unknown to many drivers, that the state of their windshield could cause them fines from the local and county police and highway patrol.

Windshield Requirements:

Arizona mandates that all vehicles have an "adequate" windshield. It does not expressly define what is adequate with regards to your windshield, but it does have statutes that state that drivers cannot have anything attached or affixed to the windshield that inhibits their ability to clearly see through their windshield. Drivers are also required to follow the federal regulations, which include:

-If a windshield has cracks that are intersected by on or more cracks, it must be replaced.

-Chips, cracks and other damage cannot be larger than 3/4 inch in diameter.

-Areas of chips, cracks and other damage cannot be within three inches of another area of damage on the windshield.

-Damage and and discoloration is not permitted in the area between the top of the steering wheel and to within two inches of the top edge of the windshield if it is not in compliance with the above requirements.

If you are concerned that you might have a windshield that is out of compliance with either state of federal laws, please give us a call at RC Autoglass. We offer in shop, and mobile auto glass repair services, and would be able to identify for you if your windshield was in compliance or not.


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